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China Europe Association for Civil Rights is a nonprofit organization. The association's mission is to promote the realization and protection of civil and political rights in the Greater China Region. 


Our work includes:

  • Focusing on the Chinese social issues, using the independent report and multimedia communications to carry on civic education to the Chinese public.  

  • Researching and monitoring the impact of policy changes on Chinese civil society, providing advice to the affected parties.

  • Providing professional services and support to NGOs and activists in China.



中欧公民研究中心是一个非营利组织。 本组织的使命是促进大中华区公民权利和政治权利的实现。



  • 围绕中国社会问题,利用独立报道和多媒体方式对中国公众倡导公民与政治权利。

  • 研究和监测政策变化对中国公民社会的影响,提供政策分析与建议。

  • 为关注中国社会发展的组织机构和行动者提供专业服务与支持。


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